Why 志愿者?

Communities are stronger when we come together and care for one another. Practicing generosity in service and kindness for our community is an essential part of WWU culture and we invite you to join us by volunteering. 志愿者ing makes a huge positive impact for those around you, and it also benefits you in some amazing ways. Here are some!

  • Meet new people and connect with your community. 
  • Learn about other ways of life. 
  • Reduce stress and improve your health. 
  • Gain experience and develop skills. 
  • Find your purpose and grow as a person. 



Want To 参与?

The simplest way to make an organized impact in the Walla Walla community is to register online with our community partners at the Walla Walla 志愿者 Corps.  By registering, a user asks for invitations to sign up for volunteering events as they present themselves.  If you are unable to participate in any given event, no pressure!  You can sign up next time.  WWVC offers a variety of service events, find a few you would enjoy and try them out!


Check Out Our Upcoming 事件

If you have questions about how to get involved, reach out to us!
che@automartme.com and our number is (509) 527-2100